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Zombie Zombie - Livity  (CD, Album) - NEW

Versatile Records

Zombie Zombie - Livity (CD, Album) - NEW


Released: 20 Oct 2017
Format: CD, Album

[1] Livity
[2] Ils Existent...
[3] Hippocampe
[4] Looose
[5] Acera
[6.1] Heavy Meditation
[6.2] (silence)
[6.3] Lune Noire

Recorded at Red Bull Studio, Paris, except for the piano on "Hippocampe" recorded at Mikrokosm studio, Lyon (Mikrosession). Field recording on "Livity" in the Laos jungle.

Mixed at Victor studio, Paris.
Mastered at Spaventi studio, Amsterdam.


Produced & Published (P & C) by Versatile records, 2017

Only 6 tracks are listed on the back inlay and the fold out insert and the insert claims Bonus track "Lune Noire" (4'52) available on 7" limited edition or digital only, but the track is actually included as hidden audio playing after a period of silence after "Heavy Meditation".
Track 6 total duration is 13:52.

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