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Westwind - Ravage (2xCD, Album, Ltd) - NEW

Steelwork Maschine

Westwind - Ravage (2xCD, Album, Ltd) - NEW


Released: 2010
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition

[CD1-01] Rise
[CD1-02] The Machupo Ballad
[CD1-03] And I Saw Them Murderers
[CD1-04] Al-Dajjal
[CD1-05] Yawm Al-Qiyamah
[CD1-06] The Great Conflagration
[CD1-07] Kali Yuga
[CD1-08] Project Megiddo
[CD1-09] Vatican As Jericho
[CD1-10] The Ebola March
[CD1-11.1] Chant Of Uriel
[CD1-11.2] In A Lonely Place
[CD2-01] Acharit Hayamim
[CD2-02] Chant Of Ezrael
[CD2-03] Of Last Things To Come
[CD2-04] To Those Of Perverted Faith
[CD2-05] The Marburg Requiem
[CD2-06] Scorched Earth
[CD2-07] Satya Yuga
[CD2-08] Destruction Time, Again
[CD2-09] Pandemia
[CD2-10] Alles Ist Grün
[CD2-11] All Is Well In The Shelter
[CD2-12.1] Ravage
[CD2-12.2] We'll Meet Again

Limited to 900 copies housed in a Digifile packaging.

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