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VRIL (4) - The Fatal Duckpond (CD, Album) - NEW

ReR Megacorp

VRIL (4) - The Fatal Duckpond (CD, Album) - NEW


Released: 2009
Format: CD, Album

[1] Duckpond
[2] Beppo Gets Crunched
[3] The Desperate Twins
[4] Baffling Calcium Lantern Light
[5] Stalking Contessa
[6] A Base Knave Behind The Arras
[7] Casa Incognita
[8] Things Get Lopped
[9] Albino Hen Coop
[10] Poisoned Tunic
[11] Why Is The King Grunting?
[12] Enter Pabstus Tack
[13] "He Mesmerised A Duck"
[14] Fateful Speech Impediment
[15] [Cut From The Film At Primrose Dent's Whim]
[16] Seven Ignorant Cousins
[17] The Flight Of Beppo
[18] Gone With The Window

Packaged in a clear-tray jewel case with an illustrated 4-page booklet that includes credits, release information, and text.

"Award-winning soundtrack to the film by Horst Gack (probably)
Prix Ultra de Concourse Lumiere Ulm 2009"

Recorded 'live' at Studio Midi-Pyrenees, France, July 15-25, 2007.
Additions and mixing: Studio Midi-Pyrenees, January 2008.

© 2007 Simonis/VRIL ℗ 2009 ReR Megacorp
Distributed by ReR Megacorp
Distributed in USA by ReR USA
Distributed in Japan by Locus Solus

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