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Vibravoid - Distortions (CD, Album) - NEW

Nasoni Records

Vibravoid - Distortions (CD, Album) - NEW


Released: 17 Aug 2009
Format: CD, Album

[1] Christmas On Earth
[2] Random Generated Future
[3] Eye Shaking King
[4] Save My Soul
[5] Mother Sky
[6] Save My Soul (Reprise)
[] CD Extra Track
[7] Mother Cubehead's Daily Black Out

Recorded, mixed and produced in Düsseldorf, March 2009
'Mother Cubehead's Daily Black Out' recorded and mixed June 2008

© 2009 by Vibravoid
(p) 2009 by Nasoni Records Berlin

Dedicated to Sky Sunlight Saxon

Packaging: standard plastic jewel box case, off-black tray, 8 page stapled cover booklet.

Track times not printed on sleeve art.

Track 7 is listed as a "CD extra track" and "studio outtake" on booklet, recorded and mixed June 2008.

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