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Vestal Claret - Ritual And Rehearsal (CDr, Ltd, Num) - USED

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Vestal Claret - Ritual And Rehearsal (CDr, Ltd, Num) - USED


Released: 2007
Format: CDr, Limited Edition, Numbered
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[1] A Call To Satan
[2] Ritual Of Revival
[3] Endurement To The Heirs Of Shame
[4] The Correlation
[5] Missing Girl
[6] Submissive To Evil
[7] Devil's Daughters
[8] Hex Of Harm
[9] Allowance Of Sin
[10] A Tale To Those Forgotten

»This offering is given forth to shepherd the path in pass of the vestibule of Vestal Claret. In its being is the unborn purity and essence that will spawn forth its older greatness. It is made during ritual and in rehearsal as preparation for the coming initiation. Its power, while not at peak, still dangerous and to be taken with cautious reserve. It will be born to only 24 that will carry with it the curse of Vestal Claret.«

Professionally printed CD-R in printed card sleeve.

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