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The Enid - Anarchy On 45 - Complete Singles Collection (2xCD, Comp) - USED


The Enid - Anarchy On 45 - Complete Singles Collection (2xCD, Comp) - USED


Released: 1996
Format: CD, Compilation
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[] A-Sides
[1.1] The Lovers
[1.2] Golden Earrings
[1.3] Land Of Hope And Glory (Dambusters March - Land Of Hope And Glory)
[1.4] Fool
[1.5] 665 The Great Bean
[1.6] When You Wish Upon A Star
[1.7] Heigh Ho
[1.8] Then There Were None
[1.9] Itchycoo Park
[1.10] Salome
[1.11] Looking For Lili Marlene
[] B-Sides
[2.1] In The Region Of The Summer Stars
[2.2] Omega
[2.3] Skyeboat Song
[2.4] Tito [Evensong]
[2.5] Twinkle Twinkle Little Star [Song For Europe]
[2.6] Jessica
[2.7] Letter From America
[2.8] Raindown
[2.9] Sheets Of Blue
[2.10] Salomee
[2.11] Truth Drug

CD notes:
The original masters for a few of these releases were destroyed in the fire at Claret Hall Farm in 1988 and we have had to take tracks from vinyl or tape copies. In these cases the reproduction is not as good as we would have liked.

The title in parentheses for track 1.3 is the original title - Dambusters March is not named on the cover artwork or the disc. The bracketed titles to tracks 2.4 and 2.5 are later album titles to the respective pieces.

Several tracks mastered from poor-condition vinyl. Tracks 2.4 & 2.5 are actually the later album versions (the titles in parentheses), not the original b-side recordings.

track 1-1: 1984 version from [r=1375677]
track 1-2: “Bollocks!” remixed version originally released as [r=1836351]
track 1-3: Previously unreleased live version (see below)
track 1-4: From [r=2806471]
track 1-5: From [r=3046428]
track 1-6: From [r=3046442]
track 1-7: From [r=3046537]
track 1-8: From CD Remix From [r=2720623]
track 1-9: From [m=431421]
track 1-10: Full-length version from the 12” and CD single [r=3136523]
track 1-11: By [a3470469] not the “Half An Hour In The Jungle” version

track 2-1: 1984 version from [r=1375677]
track 2-2: From: [r=1836351]
track 2-3: From [m=892622]
track 2-4: “Evensong” from [r=1881252]
track 2-5: “Song For Europe” from [r=1881252]
track 2-6: From [r=1881252]
track 2-7: CD Remix From [r=2720623]
track 2-8: From [r=1381778]
track 2-9: Full-length revised version From [r=7815483] (single used original version, edited on 7”)
track 2-10: From [m=666485]
track 2-11: By [a3470469] not the “Half An Hour In The Jungle” version.

Track 1-3 “Dambusters March/Land Of Hope & Glory” is possibly the version recorded at The Band On The Wall, Manchester on 24, 25 or 26 October 1983 and omitted from the 1984 Stand LP.
Track 1-10 & 2-10 by Enid.
Track 1-11 & 2-11 by [a3470469].
Many of these tracks (*) are not the versions that appeared on the original singles, also “When You Wish Upon A Star” was taken from a very scratched copy of the vinyl single. Some of these defects were corrected on the 2007 Japanese card cover reissue.

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