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The Call (2) - The Call... (CD, MiniAlbum) - USED

Christhunt Productions

The Call (2) - The Call... (CD, MiniAlbum) - USED


Released: 2003
Format: CD, Mini-Album
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[1] Winds Of Hate
[2] Legions Of Cold
[3] The Forest Of Knowledge
[4] Northern Fist Triumphant
[5] Transilvanian Hunger

Engineered during September '03.

Track 5 is a cover of Darkthrone.

The Call gives hail to all individuals of integrity remaining in this pathetic scene and aspires to the return of natural godless forces...

Special thanks to Guerfaul of Geimhre for this help.

Total running time: 19:48

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