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Tazenda - Bios (CD, Album) - USED


Tazenda - Bios (CD, Album) - USED


Released: 2003
Format: CD, Album
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[1] Limba
[2] Disamparados
[3] Sa Festa
[4] Pitzinnos In Sa Gherra
[5] Preghiera Semplice
[6] Carrasecare
[7] Sa Mama 'E Su Sole
[8] Mamojada
[9] Non La Giamedas Maria
[10] Nanneddu Meu
[11] Il Popolo Rock
[12] No Potho Reposare

other artists:
Fabio Manconi: Keyboards, Accordeon, Choir
Giancarlo Longoni: Bass
Gianluca Gadau: Guitar, Choir
Paolo Zuddas: Drums
note on track #10 (Nanneddu Meu): in album "Murales" (1991)was "Naneddu (Lettera a Nanni Sulis)", in album "Il Popolo Rock" (1993) was "Nanneddu", and in "il Sole Di Tazenda" (1997) was "Naneddu".

note on track #8 (Mamojada): surely misspelled, elsewhere (albums: "Murales", "Il Popolo Rock", "Il Sole di Tazenda", "Il Nostro Canto-Live in Sardinia") always credited as "Mamoiada".
See also the front cover of this release
(the difference in the use of "j" instead of "i")

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