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Riistetyt - Nightmares In Darkness (LP, RE) - NEW

Höhnie Records

Riistetyt - Nightmares In Darkness (LP, RE) - NEW


Released: Dec 2018
Format: Vinyl, LP, Reissue

[A1] Brainless Violence
[A2] Nightmare In Darkness
[A3] Why Don't You Fuck Off
[A4] Skizophrenia
[A5] Massmurder
[A6] The Victims Of Holy War
[A7] Killers Walk Among Us
[A8] Layabout
[B1] Vapaaehtoiset Kuolemaan
[B2] Kadut On Meidän
[B3] Revi Persees
[B4] Älä Luota Systeemiin
[B5] Sairaus
[B6] Skitsofrenia
[B7] Odotus
[B8] Ala Elämään
[B9] Rotat
[B10] Takaa-Ajettu
[B11] Irtolainen
[B12] Painu Helvettiin Natsiäpärä

Tracks A1 to A8 recorded in studio.
Tracks B1 to B12 recorded live in 1983 @ Puntala-Rock.
Poster insert with Riistetyt photo

Credits corrected for side A, info taken from the official Riistetyt web site: "Actually Rike didn't play guitar on this record, he joined the band several months later. Nappi was in the band, but he wasn't in the studio when this was recorded, so Perry played bass and all guitars on this recording".

Recorded for and licensed from Propaganda Records, Finland.

℗ 1984.

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