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Marmaduke Duke - The Magnificent Duke (CD, Album) - USED

Captains Of Industry

Marmaduke Duke - The Magnificent Duke (CD, Album) - USED


Released: 2005
Format: CD, Album
Sleeve condition: Very Good Plus
Media condition: Very Good Plus

[1] The Red And The Number
[2] An Egyptian And An Imposter
[3] Fridge And Fromage
[4] The Kill And The Kure
[5] A Fox And A Cake
[6] Piggery And Peccary
[7] The Kiss And The Consonant
[8] An Imposter And A Magician
[9] Paul And Alexander
[10] The False And The Cinematic
[11] An Eagle And An Eye
[12] Coast And Guard
[13] The Human And The Jigsaw
[14] A Conspiracy And A Devil
[15] Village And Minotaur
[16] The Beaver And The Rabbit
[17] A Curse And Coyote
[18] Blunder And Haggis

Only 4,000 copies were pressed in the original run. All of the original copies have the misspelling "The Kill and the Cure" (rather than the intentional misspelling "The Kill and the Kure") in the booklet.

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