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Lamposts - ...Adolt Cartoon (LP, Alb) - NEW

Adequate Records

Lamposts - ...Adolt Cartoon (LP, Alb) - NEW


Released: 08 May 2013
Format: Vinyl, LP

[A1] Blue Collar Attitude
[A2] I Hate Cops
[A3] The Mexican Board Of Tourism Invites You To Join Us
[A4] F-14
[A5] Corporate Suicide
[B1] Interlude
[B2] Melodramatics
[B3] Skull Tattoo
[B4] The Process Of Discimination

"This album's beginnings trace back to 1999. Completed only in 2013, it is the manifestation of partying, conflict and work. In my prior experiences, I've played rhythm guitar and sung lead vocals. "Adolt Cartoon", on the other hand, shows my abilities as a solo artist. I also mixed, arranged and recorded the majority of the album.
It is as personal as it is ridiculous." - James Peter Carroll

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