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Kobi - Projecto (CD, Album) - USED

Silber Records

Kobi - Projecto (CD, Album) - USED


Released: 07 Jan 2003
Format: CD, Album
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[1] Looking Down Over The Waves A Hundred Feet Below
[2] It Was Often Enough Simply To Pursue Doubt
[3] It Had Been There All Night
[4] He Shot Me A Chilling Glance Of Recognition
[5] Just In Time He Turned And Ran Blindly Back
[6] However, This Feeling Can Be Cultivated
[7] He Turnes To Welcome Me, Streches Out His Hand
[8] Marked Time With His Feet Or Moved His Fingers
[9] We Were Surprised By The Quantity And Quality
[10] Riding Her Trainer Bike In Obsessive Circles

During the fall 2000 Kai Mikalsen sent the playback material from the blå-concert
30.08.00, and other processed PC material to the involved, with an invitation to join in on a cd project.
One year after, most of the contributions were received, and the rest was recorded in End of huM studio.

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