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Kate Rusby - Little Lights (CD, Album) - USED

Compass Records

Kate Rusby - Little Lights (CD, Album) - USED


Released: 2001
Format: CD, Album
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[1] Playing Of Ball
[2] I Courted A Sailor
[3] Withered And Died
[4] Merry Green Broom
[5] Let The Cold Wind Blow
[6] Canaan's Land
[7] Some Tyrant
[8] William And Davy
[9] Who Will Sing Me Lullabies
[10] Matt Hyland
[11.1] My Young Man
[11.2] The Big Ship Sails

Recorded at Pure Studio, Yorkshire.

Track 11.2 is a hidden track, tacked onto the end of track 11.1

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