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Howlin Rain - Live Rain (CD) - NEW

Agitated Records

Howlin Rain - Live Rain (CD) - NEW


Released: 2014
Format: CD

[1] Phantom In The Valley
[2] Self Made Man
[3] Can't Satisfy Me Now
[4] Beneath Wild Wings
[5] Lord Have Mercy
[6] Hung Out In The Rain
[7] Calling Lightning Pt 2
[8] Dancers At The End Of The Time
[9] Roll On The Rusted Days

The Players:
Ethan Miller: Singer, guitarist
Cyrus Comiskey: Bass, backing vocals
Isaiah Mitchell: Guitarist, backing vocals
Raj Ojha: Drums, backing vocals

Recorded Live in various locations throughout the world in the year 2012 by David Streit
Mixes by Tim Green & Ethan Miller
Agitated Records/Howlin Rain

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