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Henry Rollins - Provoked (CD, Album, Ltd + DVD-V) - NEW


Henry Rollins - Provoked (CD, Album, Ltd + DVD-V) - NEW


Released: 01 Apr 2008
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition

[] CD - Provoked
[CD-1] Sex Ed
[CD-2] Kids
[CD-3] Indie 103 Party
[CD-4] Wide Stance Sitter
[CD-5] Horses
[CD-6] Van Halen
[CD-7] Invasion Force
[CD-8] Mandelaism
[CD-9] Nature's Wild
[CD-10] Adrian
[CD-11] What I Am
[] DVD - Live And Ripped From London
[DVD-1] The Opening Band
[DVD-2] Fans
[DVD-3] Learning A Lesson
[DVD-4] Thailand
[DVD-5] Men & Women
[DVD-6] Tricks
[DVD-7] The School Dance
[DVD-8] End Credits

The CD is audio taken from a show in San Francisco (Herbst Theatre, November 6, 2007) and one in Amsterdam Holland (Paradiso, January 23, 2008).

The DVD is a show filmed at the Dingwalls in London (May 17 and 18, 1999) that was shown on Channel 4 and Comedy Central.

This set is released in a 2CD box, and only available at the 2.13.61 web-store or from Best Buy. It is a limited edition release, when the run is done, the DVD will come back into print but not the audio CD.

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