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Fairport Convention - The Airing Cupboard Tapes '71 - '74 (CD, RE, RM) - NEW

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Fairport Convention - The Airing Cupboard Tapes '71 - '74 (CD, RE, RM) - NEW


Released: 2002
Format: CD, Reissue, Remastered

[1] The Hexamshire Lass
[2] Hen's March Through The Midden / The Four Poster Bed
[3] Sloth
[4] It'll Take A Long Time
[5] Walk Awhile
[6] Furs And Feathers
[7] Cell Song
[8] Who Knows Where The Time Goes
[9] That'll Be The Day
[] Bonus Tracks
[10] Ballad Of Ned Kelly
[11] Something You Got
[12] The Claw
[13] The Deserter

This is a reissue of [r5267396], with 4 bonus tracks.

"The notes, which were included with the original cassette release are reproduced with this re-mastered CD, giving details of each song and why they were chosen. The recordings here span the years 1971 to 1974, and just a couple of different line-ups, along with one guest, past and future member Sandy Denny joining the band for several favourites and "That'll Be The Day", previously unrecorded by Fairport. All the versions here were only available on the original cassette release, and have been unavailable for many years..." - Ian Burgess, Friends Of Fairport Sept 2002

Track 1: Recorded at Sydney Opera House Jan.'74
Tracks 2 & 9: Kingston-upon-Thames Poly Dec.'72
Tracks 3 & 5: Recorded at San Antonio, Texas, Oct.'71
Tracks 4 & 8: Recorded at the Troubadour, Los Angeles, Feb.'74
Track 6: Recorded at Kent University, Canterbury, Nov.'72
Track 7: The Rainbow Theatre, London, Dec.'73
Tracks 10 & 11: Recorded at Clark University, USA, Apr.'74
Track 12: Recorded in London, England, Dec.'73
Track 13: Recorded in Frankfurt, '71

Track 6 "Furs And Feathers" is printed as "Firs And Feathers" in the booklet.

Made in England - disc face
Made in the U.K. - back cover

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