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Even Worse - The Lost Album (LP, 180gr, NEW) ***RADIATION DELUXE

Radiation Deluxe

Even Worse - The Lost Album (LP, 180gr, NEW) ***RADIATION DELUXE


One of the best kept secrets of the early pre-NYHC scene, along with Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, Heart Attack, Undead, Kraut, etc., the never-on-vinyl-before lost album by Even Worse, featuring "Big Takeover" magazine editor Jack Rabid (and previously Beastie Boys' founder John Berry, and eventually Noise the Show host/Hugo Largo's Timmy Sommer, and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore's only punk rock band in a later incarnation), with their classic "New York Thrash" compilation lineup recorded at the famous 171A studio, co-produced by Bad Brains, with additional live tracks from New York's legendary Max's Kansas City club in 1981. Limited to 500 copies on 180 gram vinyl.

Track list:
Side A:
01 Contaminated Waste 02 Last Night's Blimpie 03 Rats On Fire 04 Emptying The Madhouse 05 Solitary Confinement 06 Old New One 07 Life Sucks 08 Kills 09 We Suck 10 Illusion Won Again 11 Instrumental 12 Major Headache

Side B:
13 Trends 14 Illusion Won Again 15 Nervous Breakdown 16 Jesters In The Courtyard 17 I'm A Machine 18 Kill 19 Sick Of Being Sick 20 Major Headache 21 We Suck 22 Rather See You Dead

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