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Electric Funeral - Total Funeral (2xLP, Comp) - NEW

Southern Lord

Electric Funeral - Total Funeral (2xLP, Comp) - NEW


Released: Jun 2014
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation

[] Harvester Of Death
[A1] I Am The Dead
[A2] F.O.A.D.
[A3] You're Next
[A4] Scorched Earth
[A5] Haunted By Ghosts
[] Make Noise Not War
[A6] Make Noise Not War
[A7] Up The Nature
[A8] Worldwide Genocide
[A9] Chemical Lobotomy
[A10] Where The Sun Never Shines
[A11] You Pray To Nothing
[] Split w/Go Filth Go
[B1] The Truth
[B2] War Is Hell
[B3] Shut Down
[] D-Beat Noise Attack
[B4] Hellish Afterworld
[B5] End Of All Life
[B6] Next Generation
[B7] Bomb Raid
[B8] D-Beat Noise Attack
[B9] Equal Slaves
[B10] Destroy And Rebuild
[B11] Fight Back
[] The Face Of War
[B12] The Face Of War
[] Unreleased
[B13] Poisoned Mind
[B14] Never Obey
[] Make A Change
[C1] War Face
[C2] Consuming Shit
[C3] Raped System
[C4] Selling Death
[C5] Make A Change
[C6] Nightmares
[C7] Human Error
[C8] Wake Up And React
[] Gröndalen
[C9] Distortion Of Sense
[C10] Winter In The North
[C11] No Masters, No Gods
[C12] Never Give Up
[C13] Killers
[C14] As The World Disappears
[C15] Crash The Pose
[C16] Raised On (Punk) Rock
[] In League With Darkness
[D1] Realities Of Hell
[D2] Terror, Pain And Sorrow
[D3] Stagnation Means Death
[D4] Die/Hate/Cry
[] Order From Disorder
[D5] Void Of Life
[D6] Abandon By Hope
[D7] What Is Real?
[D8] Order From Disorder
[D9] Rewind/Erase
[D10] Queen (Among Angels)
[] New Unreleased Tracks
[D11] Death March
[D12] Revenge

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