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Ecnephias - Dominium Noctis (CD, Album) - NEW

Nekromantik Extreme Music Productions

Ecnephias - Dominium Noctis (CD, Album) - NEW


Released: 10 Apr 2007
Format: CD, Album

[1] Arcanum Mysterium
[2] Burn Witch Burn!
[3] Veneficia
[4] Between Shadows
[5] Ice Forest Rituals
[6] Dominium Noctis
[7] Under the Sign of the Archangel
[8] Ragnatele su velluto scarlatto
[9] Pleasure and Pain
[10] To the Forgotten
[11] Notte a Craco

Music and arrangements by Mancan and Atlos.
Recordings and mixing at "CD & M" Recording Studio and Fauno EA Studio.
Mastering at "Das Ende Der Dinge" Studios - Trento.

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