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Chord (3) - Progression (2xLP, Album, Ltd) - NEW

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Chord (3) - Progression (2xLP, Album, Ltd) - NEW


Released: Dec 2010
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition

[A] EbMaj9 (Ascent)
[B] Dm11 (Pelagic)
[C] Dm11 (Pelagic)
[D] G6 (Codal)

Limited edition of 400 copies on black vinyl.
© 2010 Migration Music / Standard Deviation Music
"Thanks to a great number of people."

From the label website: "Though the CD and LP share a similar internal structure and can be listened on their own they are intended to be played consecutively forming the full six chord arc of the total piece."

From the back cover: "This program continued from the CD edition."

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