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Carate Urio Orchestra - Ljubljana (CD, Album) - NEW

Clean Feed

Carate Urio Orchestra - Ljubljana (CD, Album) - NEW


Released: Jul 2016
Format: CD, Album

[1] Winterthur / Accords Dans L'Air
[2] Epic Silence
[3] Amemasu
[4] Electreiki
[5] Chhia-chãm
[6] Turning Inwards, Like A Glove
[7] Sola Ni Mayagali
[8] A Winter Light
[9] Conducted
[10] Vers La Chute

1) P. Niggenkemper | 2) N. Roig | 3) J. Badenhorst, B. Soniano / C.U.O. | 4) E. O. Olafsson, N. Roig, F. Loriot | 5) Lin Chui Li arranged by S. Carpio | 6) J. Badenhorst | 7) F. Loriot | 8) S. Carpio | 9) C.U.O. | 10) F. Loriot

This music was constructed on June 30 and recorded on July 1 without- and July 2 with audience at Cankarjev Dom on the Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2015.
This album follows the same setlist as the concert on July 2nd, but some of the chosen takes are from the day before without audience.

Recording, mix and master by Luis Delgado | Design and layout by Travassos| Cover photo by Jailbeit | Group photo by Nada Zgank
C.U.O. sends the biggest thanks to Bogdan Benigar of Ljubljana Jazz Festival en Pedro Costa of Cleanfeed for inviting us over to work, perform and record this album. Also to Katka Pohar for taking good care of us, to Nada Zgank, Jailbeit, Luis Delgado and Travassos.

The cover photo was taken in Ljubljana’s Tivoli park, on a sweaty stroll during the days we recorded this album. It was a beautiful time.

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