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Black Cube Marriage - Astral Cube (CD, Album) - NEW

El Paraiso Records

Black Cube Marriage - Astral Cube (CD, Album) - NEW


Released: 12 May 2017
Format: CD, Album

[1] Spectral Convergence Wing
[2] Fractal Signal Clone
[3] Magic Sun Ray
[4] Time Shatters Forward
[5] Syncretic Illumine
[6] Psychic Tremble
[7] Ecliptic Wave Burst

Gate fold paper wallet.
Black Cube Marriage is a unique ensemble consisting of legendary Chicago-based cornetist, sound manipulator and improviser Rob Mazurek and members of his Brazilian connection Sao Paolo Underground, Austin-based freeform unit Marriage and special guests Jonathan Horne (guitar, saxophone) and Steve Jansen (tapes, guitar).

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