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Toy Dolls – Fat Bobs Feet (LP, Album, Color, Poster) - NEW

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Toy Dolls – Fat Bobs Feet (LP, Album, Color, Poster) - NEW



When Fat Bob’s Feet was released by Receiver Records in 1991, it found Sunderland’s cheeky punk act Toy Dolls welcoming bassist John Casey into the fold, the latest in a long line joining founding frontman Olga and drummer Martin Yule, who’d been present since Bare Faced Cheek; the favourites here include ‘The Sphinx Stinks,’ ‘Bitten By A Bed Bug’ and the immortal ‘Kids In Tyne & Wear,’ a northeast England punk recasting of Kim Wilde’s ‘Kids In America,’ plus there’s a guest appearance by Ashbrooke, Olga’s dog, and, unusually for the band, no sign of any symphonic interludes. A much-loved Toy Dolls classic!

A1 Gloomy Intro / Toy Doll Tonic
A2 Fat Bob's Feet
A3 We Quit The Cavalry
A4 The Sphinx Stinks
A5 Rodney's Memory
A6 Olga Crack Corn
A7 Bitten By A Bed Bug!
B1 Kids In Tyne & Wear
B2 Frankie's Got The Blues
B3 A Bunch O'Fairies
B4 Yellow Burt
B5 The Coppers Copt Ken's Cash!
B6 Toy Doll Tonic / Gloomy Outro

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