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The Residents - Eskimo (Cass, Album) - NEW

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The Residents - Eskimo (Cass, Album) - NEW


The Residents - Eskimo

In 1979 "punk" music was all the rage. The Residents had gone though the punk stage three years earlier were ready for anything that was not punk. When it was finally released ESKIMO was a hit, both in sales and in reviews. The album tells the story, without words, of the assimilation of a ritualistic society into consumer culture. This story unfolds as Eskimo fables set to the grinding of sound effects and music. ESKIMO is, quite literally, a unique experience.

        A1 The Walrus Hunt
        A2 Birth
        A3 Arctic Hysteria
        A4 The Angry Angakok
        B1 A Spirit Steals A Child

        B2 The Festival Of Death

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