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The Fans - You Don't Live Here Anymore (LP, ALBUM) - NEW

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The Fans - You Don't Live Here Anymore (LP, ALBUM) - NEW


Enigmatic power-pop quartet the Fans formed in 1978, spurred into action by the Bristol area’s vibrant new wave scene. Singer/guitarist George Smith previously fronted the Dragons (with future Tom Robinson collaborator Jo Burt) and guitarist Rob Williams was in Uncle Po (with future Dexy’s violinist Helen Bevington); they split after two singles for Fried Egg, but regrouped in 2010 following a Japanese hit cover of their dejected ‘You Don’t Live Here Anymore.’ This dynamite collection joins the Fried Egg work with rare demos and live recordings, the definitive picture of one of Avon’s most impressive new wave guitar bands.



1. Give Me That Look In Your Eyes

2. Stay The Night

3. He'll Have To Go

4. You Don't Live Here Anymore

5. Following You

6. Stay The Night

7. Loving You Is All I Wanna Do

8. Seventeen


9. On A Scale Of 1-10

10. Come On Over Tonight

11. You Used To Be (But You're Not My Girlfriend Now)

12. True Love

13. You Set Me Up

14. Daydreamer

15. Killing Feeling

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