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Z.Z. Hill / Freddie North - The Brand New ZZ Hill / Friend (CD, Comp) - USED


Z.Z. Hill / Freddie North - The Brand New ZZ Hill / Friend (CD, Comp) - USED


Released: 1994
Format: CD, Compilation
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[] The Brand New ZZ Hill
[] Blues At The Opera (Communication In Regard To Circumstances)
[] Act I
[] Scene I
[1] It Ain't No Use
[] Secene II
[2] Ha Ha (Laughing Song)
[] Act II
[] Scene I
[3] Second Chance
[] Scene II
[4] Our Love Is Getting Better
[] Act III
[] Finale
[5] Faithful And True
[6] The Chokin' Kind
[7] Hold Back (One Man At A Time)
[8] A Man Needs A Woman (A Woman Needs A Man)
[9] Early In The Morning
[10] I Think I'd Do It
[] Friend
[11] She's All I Got
[12] Raining On A Sunny Day
[13] Sweeter Than Sweetness
[14] Sidewalks, Fences And Walls
[15] I Did The Woman Wrong
[17] Laid Back And Easy
[18] You And Me Together Forever
[19] Ain't Nothing In The News (But The Blues)
[20] Did I Come Back Too Soon (Or Stay Away Too Long)
[21] My Whole World Has Ended (Without You) (Bonus Track)
[22] Cuss The Wind (Bonus Track)

Both albums were originally released on the label Mankind in 1971.

Bonus tracks not on original album.

Credits for "The Brand New Z Z Hill" (Originally Mankind 201)
Drums: Lou Mullenix - Jasper Guarino - Fred Proudy
Guitar: Jesse Carr - Jimmy Evans
Bass: Charles Haywood - Bob Wray - Butch Owens
Piano & Organ: Jerry Williams Jr. - Clayton Ivy - Chuck Levell - Ronnie Oldham
Horns: Mike Stough - Stacy Goss - Sonny Royal - Charles Rose - James Mitchell - Gene "Bowlegs" Miller - Louis Collins - Joe Arnold - Gerald Richards
Background Voices: Prince Phillip Mitchell - Leawaii Little - Cheryl Echols

Credits for "Friend" (Originally Mankind 204)
String Arrangements: Richard Rome
Piano: Jerry Williams Jr.
Guitar: Jesse Carr
Bass: Court Pickett - Charles Heywood
Drums: George Soule - Lou Mullenix
Organ: Chuck Levell
Horns: Stacy Goss - Mike Stough -Sonny Royal - Charles Rose
Background Voices: Cooperettes - C & Shells
Strings & Percussion: Philadelphia Symphony

Chuck Levell is written wrong in the booklet. He is Chuck Leavell.
Charles Haywood is Charles Heywood.

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