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Various - Trash On!!! (6xLP, Comp + Box, Ltd) - NEW

P. Trash Records

Various - Trash On!!! (6xLP, Comp + Box, Ltd) - NEW


Released: 21 Jan 2019
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation

[A1] Trash On (Alt. Version)
[A2] Tit-For-Tat
[A3] Sowing The Seeds Of Hate
[A4] Monochrome Sunset
[A5] Trash People
[A6] Price To Pay
[A7] She Shreds
[A8] Structure Video Ordure
[A9] Nie im Leben
[B1] New Plan
[B2] Society Needs
[B3] Say Goodbye
[B4] Just Don´t Care
[B5] Head Master
[B6] Idiot
[B7] Restless Again
[B8] Kill Me
[B9] Aria
[B10] Russian Opera Theme (Part 2)
[C1] Let It All Go
[C2] Can I Please Come In
[C3] We Will Miss You
[C4] Don´t Know What To Say
[C5] Some Kinda Hell
[C6] I´m A Drag
[C7] A Life Confined
[C8] Twistin´ Off A Cliff
[D1] Bugs On Glue (Alt. Version)
[D2] Nothing To It
[D3] Paralyzed
[D4] Do The Wipers
[D5] Runnin´ Outta Time
[D6] Everything Is Terrible
[D7] Mexican Mask
[D8] X Your Manners
[D9] Spitfire
[D10] Rosta Sönder
[E1] Outta My Head
[E2] Spokoj
[E3] Black Time Theme
[E4] Thank You For Making A Baby Jesus Head
[E5] She´s Dead
[E6] No Of You
[E7] Never Had Nothing
[E8] Som Dimma
[E9] I´ve Seen This Movie Before
[F1] Black Hole
[F2] Sick Lullabies
[F3] Different Person
[F4] Let It Go
[F5] Napalm Girl
[F6] Heart Attack
[F7] Combination Space Recital
[G1] Kids Fire Run Fire
[G2] Lost Nights
[G3] Sexbot
[G4] Stormy Weather
[G5] No Connection
[G6] Smell Your Blood
[G7] Utmarken Revisited
[G8] Little Thing (Live Version)
[H1] Walking You Home Tonight
[H2] Black Dot
[H3] Stars Maligned
[H4] Surf The Swamp
[H5] The Swan
[H6] Poison Mind
[H7] La Casa De Los Ciegos
[H8] Calling Back
[H9] You´re Not From Around Here
[I1] Where Shadows Lurk
[I2] Teenage Angst
[I3] Fancy Cocktails
[I4] Get Over You
[I5] Don´t Look At Me
[I6] Black Fur
[I7] Logo Heart Piece Of Shit
[I8] Prism, Mirror, Lens
[I9] Cannot Calm Down
[J1] My Baby´s Gone
[J2] Out Of Control
[J3] You´re Wrong
[J4] Primitive Mind
[J5] Destroy The Future
[J6] Divisive System
[J7] Eisbär
[J8] Heading South
[K1] Allvar
[K2] Livin´ In My Bed
[K3] Mystery
[K4] Long Con
[K5] Judge Me
[K6] Fakturera Mig
[K7] La France Du Rock´n´Roll
[K8] Fuck You Fake Punks
[K9] Grandpa´s Undercut
[L1] Wise Words
[L2] On The Prowl
[L3] New Ways
[L4] It Took Some Time
[L5] Empty Hearts
[L6] Don´t
[L7] Summertime Coffee
[L8] Shit City

P.Trash Records, FDH Records & No Front Teeth Records present
a 6 LP tribute to Peter Eichhorn & P.Trash Records featuring 104 bands
with 59 previously unreleased tracks by The Spits, Mean Jeans, Steve Adamyk Band, Lover, Statues, The Manikins, Teledrome, Digital Leather, Modern Pets, Sonic Avenues & loads more.

Previously unreleased tracks are: A2,A4 to A9,B1,B2,B4 to B8,B10,C2 to C4,C7,C8,D2,D6 to D9,E3,E5,E6,E9,F2,E7,G4,G7,G8,H3 to H9,I1,I3,I4,J1,J3 to J7,K3 to K6,K8,K9 and L2

6 LP box set (two sleeves with 3 LP's each).
Limited edition to a one time pressing of 500 copies.
( 5 Testpressings does exist )

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