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Various - The Complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles Volume 3 (1972-1975)  (10xCD, Comp + Box) - USED


Various - The Complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles Volume 3 (1972-1975) (10xCD, Comp + Box) - USED


Released: 1994
Format: CD, Compilation
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[1-1] Yum Yum Yum (I Want Some)
[1-2] Carry On
[1-3] Do Your Thing
[1-4] I've Been Lonely For So Long
[1-5] Nothing Is Everlasting
[1-6] Hearsay
[1-7] Angel Of Mercy
[1-8] In The Rain
[1-9] She's My Old Lady Too
[1-10] Explain It To Her Mama
[1-11] Right On
[1-12] Doing My Own Thing (Part 1)
[1-13] My Honey And Me
[1-14] Let's Stay Together (Instrumental)
[1-15] Bring It Home (And Give It To Me)
[1-16] Look Around You
[1-17] Don't Do It / I'm With You
[1-18] I'll Take You There
[1-19] Which Way
[1-20] Living A Life Without Love
[1-21] What's Good For You (Don't Have To Be Good To You)
[1-22] Let Me Repair Your Heart
[1-23] What's Usual Seems Natur'l
[1-24] I Wanna Make Up (Before We Break Up)
[2-1] Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One)
[2-2] Walking The Back Streets And Crying
[2-3] Save Us
[2-4] 6-3-8
[2-5] Starting All Over Again
[2-6] Keep On Loving Me
[2-7] I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over
[2-8] Goin' Down Slow (Parts 1 & 2)
[2-9] I Could Never Be Happy
[2-10] Don't Take My Kindness For Weakness
[2-11] I'll Play The Blues For You (Part 1)
[2-12] I Dedicate My Life To You
[2-13] Do The Sweetback
[2-14] Gettin' Funky 'Round Here
[2-15] When The Chips Are Down
[2-16] Sugar
[2-17] You're Good Enough (To Be My Baby)
[2-18] This World
[2-19] Helping Man
[2-20] Ain't I Good?
[3-1] Dance, Dance, Dance (Part 1)
[3-2] Dedicated To The One I Love
[3-3] Toast To The Fool
[3-4] Stop Doggin' Me
[3-5] Trouble
[3-6] I'm Gonna Cry Me A River
[3-7] Itch And Scratch (Part 1)
[3-8] What Would I Do
[3-9] I Know It's Not Right (To Be In Love With A Married Man)
[3-10] Holy Cow
[3-11] What Goes Around (Must Come Around)
[3-12] Theme From The Men (Instrumental)
[3-13] Endlessly
[3-14] You Hurt Me For The Last Time
[3-15] My Sweet Lord
[3-16] Breaking Up Somebody's Home
[3-17] How Can You Mistreat The One You Love
[3-18] From Toys To Boys
[3-19] The Dryer (Vocal) (Part 1)
[3-20] I May Not Be All You Want (But I'm All You Got)
[3-21] Ain't No Sweat
[3-22] Do Me
[3-23] Rainy Day
[4-1] It Ain't Always What You Do (It's Who You Let See You Do It)
[4-2] I May Not Be What You Want
[4-3] Funky Robot (Part 1)
[4-4] Don't You Fool With My Soul (Part 1)
[4-5] Oh La De Da
[4-6] What Do You See In Her?
[4-7] A Thousand Miles Away
[4-8] Hey You! Get Off My Mountain
[4-9] Rolling Down A Mountainside
[4-10] You're Still My Brother
[4-11] Stop Half Loving These Women
[4-12] Lovin' On Borrowed Time
[4-13] Lay Your Loving On Me
[4-14] The Time
[4-15] Heaven Knows
[4-16] I Believe In You (You Believe In Me)
[4-17] Short Stopping
[4-18] Be What You Are
[4-19] I've Got To Love Somebody's Baby
[4-20] Playing On Me
[4-21] Long As You're The One Somebody Ine The World
[5-1] This Is My Song Of Love To You
[5-2] Sugarcane
[5-3] Love Is A Hurtin' Thing
[5-4] Baby, Lay Your Head Down (Gently On My Bed)
[5-5] Check Me Out
[5-6] Runnin' Back (And Forth)
[5-7] Crossing Over The Bridge
[5-8] Love's Maze
[5-9] It Ain't Easy
[5-10] Love Among People
[5-11] What It Is
[5-12] I've Got To Go On Without You
[5-13] Love Is Taking Over
[5-14] Ruby Dean
[5-15] I'm So Glad I Fell In Love With You
[5-16] Fell For You
[5-17] Cheaper To Keep Her
[5-18] I Know You Don't Want Me No More
[5-19] If You're Ready (Come Go With Me)
[5-20] Slipped And Tripped
[5-21] Peace Be Still
[5-22] I'll Be The Other Woman
[6-1] The Martian Hop
[6-2] I Had A Talk With My Man
[6-3] At Last
[6-4] Joy (Part 1)
[6-5] Good Woman Turning Bad
[6-6] Mose (Part 3)
[6-7] I'll Be Your Santa Baby
[6-8] I Wanna Do Things For You
[6-9] That's What The Blues Is All About
[6-10] One Way Love Affair
[6-11] Tin Pan Alley
[6-12] The Funky Bird
[6-13] We're Getting Careless With Our Love
[6-14] What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas
[6-15] Season's Greetings
[6-16] Don't Lose Faith In Me Lord
[6-17] Don't Start Loving Me (If You're Gonna Stop)
[6-18] Touch A Hand, Make A Friend
[6-19] And I Panicked
[6-20] Change It All
[7-1] Gettin' What You Want (Losin' What You Got)
[7-2] He's Mine
[7-3] My Woman Is Good To Me
[7-4] I Got You And I'm Glad
[7-5] Put A Little Love Away
[7-6] Suzy
[7-7] The Same Folks
[7-8] You Make The Sunshine
[7-9] The Whole Damn World Is Going Crazy
[7-10] Circuit's Overloaded
[7-11] Wonderful
[7-12] Behind Closed Doors
[7-13] Guess Who
[7-14] Dirty Tricks
[7-15] Whicha Way Did It Go
[7-16] Talking To The People
[7-17] I've Been Born Again
[7-18] Neckbone
[7-19] Wounded Woman
[7-20] Stop Doggin' Me
[7-21] Goodness Gracious
[8-1] City In The Sky
[8-2] Title Theme
[8-3] Soul Street
[8-4] Flat Tire
[8-5] Love Makes It Right
[8-6] Mr. Cool That Ain't Cool
[8-7] Boogie Ain't Nuttin' (But Gettin' Down) (Part 1)
[8-8] Highway To Heaven
[8-9] Get It While It's Hot
[8-10] Passing Thru
[8-11] Keep An Eye On Your Close Friends
[8-12] My Main Man / There Is A God
[8-13] That's The Way I Want To Live My Life
[8-14] Forever And A Day
[8-15] Baby, I'm Through
[8-16] It's September
[8-17] Woman To Woman
[8-18] Did You Hear Yourself (Part 1)
[8-19] You Need A Friend Like Mine
[8-20] I Love, I Love
[8-21] Let Me Back In
[9-1] Crosscut Saw
[9-2] Coldblooded
[9-3] Bump Meat
[9-4] (Too Little In Common To Be Lovers) Too Much Going To Say Goodbye
[9-5] Bump And Boogie (Part 1)
[9-6] What's Happening Baby (Part 1)
[9-7] Who Made The Man
[9-8] I Keep Thinking To Myself
[9-9] I Got A Reason To Smile (Cause I Got You)
[9-10] Try To Leave Me If You Can (I Bet You Can't Do It)
[9-11] Burning On Both Ends
[9-12] There Are More Questions Than Answers
[9-13] Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin'
[9-14] I Can't Let You Go
[9-15] I Betcha Didn't Know That
[9-16] Lovin' You, Lovin' Me
[9-17] Do The Double Bump
[9-18] Come And Get Your Love
[9-19] Dark Skin Woman (Part 1)
[9-20] It Ain't No Fun
[9-21] If You Talk In Your Sleep
[9-22] Talk To The Man
[10-1] You're Astounding
[10-2] Dy-No-Mite (Did You Say My Love)
[10-3] Boom-A-Rang
[10-4] Come What May
[10-5] Try Me Tonight
[10-6] Groovin' On My Baby's Love
[10-7] I Can't Shake Your Love (Can't Shake You Loose)
[10-8] I Wanna Play With You
[10-9] I'm Doing Fine
[10-10] No Way (I Can Live Without You)
[10-11] Back Road Into Town
[10-12] I'm So Glad I Met You
[10-13] Packed Up And Took My Mind
[10-14] Just Keep On Loving Me
[10-15] How Can I Be A Witness
[10-16] Jump Back '75 (Part 1)
[10-17] I Got To Be Myself
[10-18] It's Worth A Whippin'
[10-19] Holy Ghost (Part 1)

℗ & © 1994, Fantasy, Inc.

Printed in U.S.A.

Release comes in a 12" x 12" box with a 60-page booklet.

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