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Various - Sound The Alarms! (2x12", Comp) - NEW


Various - Sound The Alarms! (2x12", Comp) - NEW


Released: 2014
Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Compilation

[A1] Ask
[A2] Schlinge
[A3] Es Lo Que Hay
[A4] Satellite Visions
[A5] Slow Death
[A6] End Of Time
[A7] Hartos De Todo
[A8] Paybacks Paid
[B1] Tuhlattu Elämä
[B2] Anachronism
[B3] Identity
[B4] Another Song About Flowers
[B5] Decepcion
[B6] Luci / Ombre
[B7] Revuelta
[B8] Generacion Criminal
[B9] Sieluton
[C1] In The New Regime
[C2] Fixed Solutions
[C3] Repúdio à Guerra
[C4] Jello Biafra Baja La Panza
[C5] Ruumiinkieli
[C6] Bereizketarik Ez
[C7] Depresion
[C8] Divine Tragedy
[D1] Kuantos Niñxs Mueren???
[D2] Ta Mitt Liv
[D3] Non Li Sopporto Più
[D4] Relapso
[D5] I'm An Anti
[D6] Huuto Yössä
[D7] Miedo

New international punk compilation gathers 32 bands from 14 countries, capturing the current sounds of punk from around the world. Comes with a newsprint, magazine-sized insert with a page from each band, including pictures, lyrics, graphics and more.

© 2013 Maximumrocknroll

Catalog number on spine is "MRR 016".
Catalog number on vinyl labels is "MRR-16".

Track A1 recorded, mixed and mastered in 2012 at Studio Fonia, Warsaw.
Track A3 recorded and mixed in August 2012 at Rock Palace.
Track A5 recorded in Summer of 2012 at the Hive.
Track A6 recorded at the Dutch Oven in Oakland, June 2012.
Track B5 recorded at Ton Art Studio, Viena-Austria, 09/2012
Track B7 recorded at Baratija Records, Huacho, Lima (Perú).
Track B8 recorded at Hipodromo Son Pardo, Mallorca (Mediterranean Sea), in September 2012 by Crappy Recordings.
Track C1 @ Dead Air Studios, mastering.
Track C7 recorded in April 2012.
Track D3 recorded on Saturday August 11th 2012.
Track D4 recorded at Voz Studio.
Track D5 recorded at da beautiful Midwest.

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