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Various - Musica Improvvisa (10xCD, Album, Ltd, Gat + DVD-V + Box) - NEW

Die Schachtel

Various - Musica Improvvisa (10xCD, Album, Ltd, Gat + DVD-V + Box) - NEW


Released: 2010
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition

[] Thau
[CD1-1] Defrost
[CD1-2] Other Tropics
[CD1-3] Harmattan
[CD1-4] Lightning Strike
[CD1-5] Equatorial Freeze
[CD1-6] Ice Cups
[CD1-7] Misty
[] An Experiment In Navigation
[CD2-1] The Earth Abstracted From Its Geomorphic Features
[CD2-2] Wreckage In Gaddani
[CD2-3] Tidal Resonance
[CD2-4] Crustal Navigation
[CD2-5] Gnomonic
[] Ossatura With Gene Coleman & Marina Peterson
[CD3-1] Non Prima
[CD3-2] Non Oltre
[CD3-3] Non Ancora
[CD3-4] Non Piu'
[] Elliptical - Fotopartiture Per Tre Improvvisatori
[CD4-1] Skyline Blue
[CD4-2] Skyline Red
[CD4-3] Skyline Green
[DVD1-1] Skyline Blue 2.0
[DVD1-2] Skyline Red 2.0
[DVD1-3] Skyline Green 2.0
[DVD1-4] Skyline Blue 5.1
[DVD1-5] Skyline Red 5.1
[DVD1-6] Skyline Green 5.1
[] Wintermute
[CD5-1] Henry Dorsett Case Folk Song
[CD5-2] Neuromancer
[CD5-3] Molly, The Razorgirl
[CD5-4] Intrusion Countermisures Electronics
[CD5-5] Chiba
[CD5-6] Wintermute
[] 11h15: Local Weather Forecast
[CD6-1a] Mind The Gap Pt. 2
[CD6-1b] Langsam, Mit Innigem, Ausdruck
[CD6-2] Final Del Juego
[CD6-3a] Rise And
[CD6-3b] Fall Of Western Empire
[CD6-4] Mind The Gap Pt. 1
[CD6-5] Almanacco Dei Posti Sperduti
[CD6-6] Cani Neri
[] For Tumbling
[CD7-1] Trampoline
[CD7-2] Gymnastic Apparatus
[CD7-3] Consisting Of A Strong Canvas Sheet
[CD7-4] Attached With Springs
[CD7-5] To A Metal Frame
[CD7-6] Used
[CD7-7] For Tumbling
[] Viande
[CD8-1] Untitled
[CD8-2] Untitled
[CD8-3] Untitled
[CD8-4] Untitled
[CD8-5] Untitled
[CD8-6] Untitled
[CD8-7] Untitled
[CD8-8] Untitled
[CD8-9] Untitled
[CD8-10] Untitled
[CD8-11] Untitled
[CD8-12] Untitled
[] Hopeful Monster
[CD9-1] Parent-Explains
[CD9-2] Results
[CD9-3] Monograph
[CD9-4] Natural
[CD9-5] Thousand
[] Territori
[CD10-1] T29
[CD10-2] T21
[CD10-3] T19
[CD10-4] T22
[CD10-5] T9
[CD10-6] T18

Tracks CD1-1 to CD1-7 recorded at Musica Viva Recordingstudio in Montepulciano, Italy and edited and mixed in Biel, Switzerland.

Tracks CD2-1 to CD2-5 recorded at 44-26-57-20 N 8-25-18-80 W, 11/2006.

Tracks CD3-1 to CD3-4 recorded at V38 Studio, Rome, May 2007.

Tracks CD4-1 to CD4-3 and DVD1-1 to DVD1-6 recorded at Pesci Rossi Studios, Ciampino (Rome), Italy, 15 june 2008 and mixed in Rome, Italy, Winter 2009.

Tracks CD5-1 to CD5-6 recorded at Nibiru Station in May 2008 and mixed at ZuloMetak and Nibiru Station between 2008 and 2009.
Sounds, structures and words inspired by the novel "Neuromancer" by William Gibson.

Tracks CD6-1 to CD6-6 recorded between Florence and Lisbon. Field recordings from Mexico, Morocco, Guatemala and Portugal. Mixed and mastered in Lisbon in 2009.

Tracks CD7-1 to CD7-7 recorded in Milan on 13-14 May 2009. No overdubs. Mixed and mastered in October 2009.
Impossible without: Andrea Caccia, Giancarlo Grande, Augusto Contento, Ettore Gilardoni, Veronica Santini, Alice Bescapè, Lorenzo Monti, Luca Zenari.

Tracks CD8-1 to CD8-12 recorded live between October 2009 and April 2010 at the A Spirale basement studio in Naples.
Mastered at SEC_ home studio in Naples.

Tracks CD9-1 to CD9-5 recorded in Palermo, September 2009.

Tracks CD10-1 to CD10-6 recorded live at Artesuono Studio in December 2009.

Comes with a 24-page booklet and a poster slot into a sturdy cardboard holder.
Limited edition 500 copies.

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