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Various - Listen Up! Ska (LP, Comp) - NEW

Kingston Sounds

Various - Listen Up! Ska (LP, Comp) - NEW


Released: 2012
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation

[A1] Ska-Boo- Da-Ba
[A2] Alley Cat
[A3] Red Is Danger
[A4] Cool Smoke
[A5] Non Stop
[A6] Stampede
[A7] Nuclear Weapon
[B1] China Clipper
[B2] Ali Pang
[B3] Yogi Man
[B4] Throughfare
[B5] Ghost Town
[B6] Surftide Seven
[B7] Magnificient Ska

Songs by the Skatalites (though often credited to individual band members) or contain assorted members of the Skatalites, but with different session leaders, soloists etc.). See following track list to see actual credited groups and most common tune titles:

A1 Ska-Boo-Da-Ba - The Skatalites
A2 Storm Warning (Aka Alley Cat) - Lynn Taitt & The Boys
A3 Red Is Danger - Johnny Moore
A4 Cool Smoke - Don Drummond
A5 Non Stop - Roland Alphonso
A6 Stampede - The Skatalites
A7 Nuclear Weapon - Roland Alphonso With Baba Brooks Band
B1 China Clipper - The Skatalites
B2 Allepon (Aka Ali Pang ) - Don Drummond & His Band
B3 Yogi Man - Johnny Moore
B4 Thoroughfare (Aka Treasure Isle) - Don Drummond
B5 Ghost Town -The Skatalites
B6 Surftide Seven - Roland Alphonso
B7 Skalarama (Aka Magnificent Ska) - Lyn Tait With Baba Brooks Band

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