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Various - - Bless You (CD, Comp + CD, Comp, Enh) - USED

Various - - Bless You (CD, Comp + CD, Comp, Enh) - USED


Released: Jul 2002
Format: CD, Compilation
Sleeve condition: Very Good Plus
Media condition: Very Good Plus

[1-01] Shuttle
[1-02] Monochrome (Eurofen Dub)
[1-03] Biometric Electric Rhythms Vox (One Extra Slap)
[1-04] 'Ow Much?
[1-05] Puffin' In Paradise
[1-06] Barbie Girl (Blastiquer Mix)
[1-07] Mister One
[1-08] Base
[1-09] Firefly
[1-10] Snowblind (Blinded By Sparks Mix)
[1-11] Cool Harbour
[1-12] I Think That
[2-01] Flixl
[2-02] Stuffed Hostage (The Ambient Western Orb Mix)
[2-03] Barbie Girl (The Good, The Bad Mit Barby Orb Mix)
[2-04] Intron
[2-05] I Am The Red Worm

The Chronicles of the Badorb's Adventures in Gardena - Chapter One.
CD2 includes an interactive sector for Mac & PC featuring website, music and more.
Designed in glorious greyscale by Tubby Tannhauser @ BadOrb.

Sleeve lists CD2 tracks 4 & 5 the wrong way round. A sticker on some copies says "CD2 tracks 4 and 5 are switcheroo"

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