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Various - All Punk Rods! (A Devils Dozen Of Deluxe Drag Punk!) (LP, Album, Comp) - USED

Lookout! Records

Various - All Punk Rods! (A Devils Dozen Of Deluxe Drag Punk!) (LP, Album, Comp) - USED


Released: 1998
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Very Good

[A1] Untitled
[A2] Let's Go To The Dragstrip
[A3] Demon Garage
[A4] Nut Cop
[A5] Long Gone Losers
[A6] Hidden Charms
[A7] Certain Year'd Something
[A8] Updated Theme To Supercar
[B1] Ouch!
[B2] Ted
[B3] Speedin' Back To My Baby
[B4] You Are Not
[B5] Euro-Driver Mechano
[B6] Rock And Roll Was Never This Fun

'A [url=]Gearhead Magazine[/url] Compilation'

Issued with 12'' insert printed on both sides (pictures, credits, dedication).
Track A1 is uncredited on either the sleeve, center label or insert.

Recording locations, dates:
- A2 recorded at Sunlight, Stockholm 11/20/97
- A3 recorded at Super Bee Studios 1997
- A4 recorded at Toe Rag Studios September 97
- A5 recorded at Edvin Medvind Studio, Solna (10/97)
- A6 recorded at Sarcophagus Studio, Opelika, AL
- A7 recorded at Flouride Treatments, Berkeley, CA
- A8 recorded at Zero Return Recording Complex, Brazil
- B1 recorded at The Ranch, Seattle, WA
- B2 recorded at Doubletree Productions, El Cajon, CA
- B3 recorded at Trainwreck Studios, Oakland, CA
- B4 recorded at Roof Brothers, Emeryville, CA, mixed at Toast Studios S.F.
- B5 recorded at Andro 600 Master Recording Facility
- B6 recorded at JC/DC Studio, Vancouver, BC

Copyrights, published by:
- A2 ℗ Bright Music Tunes Corp / ASCAP
- A4 ℗ Eat Music 1980
- A6 ℗ Hoochie Coochie Music / BMI
- A7 I Feel Tardy Music / BMI
- A8 Apollo 3.14 / admin. by Bug
- B2 D.T.K. / L.A.M.F. Music / ASCAP
- B3 ℗ Kiss / ASCAP
- B4 ℗ Sunny Acres Golf And Country Club Music / ASCAP
- B5 ℗ Unmanned Music / BMI
- B6 ℗ The Smugglers / SOCAN Canada

Catalog number on spine 'LK 193' and on center labels 'LK #193'.

Dedicated to the memory of Fred Gwynne July 10 1926-July 2 1993

©℗ 1998 Lookout! Records LLC

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