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Various - A Reason For Living 1999 - Japanese 32 Bands Comp.!! (3xLP, Comp) - USED

Dan-Doh Records

Various - A Reason For Living 1999 - Japanese 32 Bands Comp.!! (3xLP, Comp) - USED


Released: 1999
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[] Record 1
[A1] Living Dead
[A2] Snake-Bite
[A3] More Soul For Beat
[A4] Individual
[A5] Constant Fear
[A6] Dull Position
[A7] Pulse
[A8] Trash Bop
[A9] Dry Food
[A10] Narrow Garden
[A11] Today
[A12] Stupid
[A13] Just One Life
[A14] Live With Smile
[B1] Mettersi In Azione
[B2] Fariseo
[B3] Bright Side
[B4] Chew The Fat
[B5] Punkrocker Still Standing
[B6] Posada
[B7] Killer, Sidewalk
[B8] 2000
[B9] Thrash Night
[B10] Burger Time DX
[B11] Alchole Grind
[B12] Mosh Or Die
[B13] Short Cut
[B14] Only One
[] Record 2
[C1] Awesome Mosh Power
[C2] Can't Copy
[C3] Fight Back
[C4] Can't You See
[C5] Purpose
[C6] Come The Sun
[C7] All My Bases
[C8] What Do You Wanna Be ?
[C9] Family ?
[C10] Grind Crasher
[C11] Days
[C12] Eyes
[C13] Watch
[C14] Today Again
[D1] Mental Work
[D2] Advance
[D3] Knock One's Head Against The Wall
[D4] Rise Hell
[D5] Full Of Shit
[D6] Realays
[D7] Trick Girl
[D8] Out Of Shool Days
[D9] Living Things
[D10] 真像
[D11] Work
[D12] Trad
[D13] Free ?
[D14] SDT Pt.2
[] Record 3
[E1] Promising
[E2] Last Article
[E3] Clever Song
[E4] Gonna Hafta Fight
[E5] Medley Of Revenge '98
[E6] Scum Corpse
[E7] I Dew I Dew I Dew
[E8] Morning Mosh
[E9] Money Maker
[E10] Tankarod Suckmen
[E11] Fuck You !!
[E12] Radio 666
[E13] The Wood Of The Betrayal
[E14] The Vagrancy Of The Hell
[F1] Nice Guy
[F2] New Song
[F3] March Of Struck
[F4] Figure Dog
[F5] Lie
[F6] Challenge
[F7] Makes Desire
[F8] Insight
[F9] Fuck'In S.
[F10] Nike
[F11] For Life
[F12] Strike Out
[F13] Doll
[F14] Dear That World

Includes a 36-page booklet with info about the bands.
Limited edition of 1,525 copies, numbered on back cover.
Produced by Dan-Doh Records.

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