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Various - 10 Years Nuclear Blast (3xCD, Comp) - USED

Nuclear Blast

Various - 10 Years Nuclear Blast (3xCD, Comp) - USED


Released: 17 Nov 1997
Format: CD, Compilation
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[] Past
[1-1] Walls
[1-2] Sifting Through Remains
[1-3] Resist The Urge For Power
[1-4] Shit World
[1-5] Life Or Death
[1-6] I Know
[1-7] The Instance
[1-8] Boundries Unknown
[1-9] Side Effects
[1-10] Humans Lost Humanity
[1-11] Servants Of The Warsmen
[1-12] Spawn
[1-13] Inexorable Logic
[1-14] Montreal Massacre
[1-15] Massacre Of The Unborn
[1-16] Just Let Me Rot
[1-17] The Doomwatcher's Prediction
[1-18] Frozen In Time
[1-19] Shrine Of The Master
[1-20] Immense Malignancy
[1-21] Embalmed Existence
[1-22] Dismembered
[] Present
[2-1] Cross The Styx
[2-2] Nightfear
[2-3] Overseer
[2-4] A Coming Race
[2-5] The Wings Of The Hydra
[2-6] Future Breed Machine
[2-7] Slukad
[2-8] God Complex
[2-9] Retribution / Storm Of The Light's Bane
[2-10] Senca
[2-11] The Bride Wears Black
[2-12] On Your Knees (Again)
[2-13] No Love Last
[2-14] Blood On The Floor
[2-15] Of Beauty's Embrace
[2-16] Zeitbombe
[] Future
[3-1] Mourning Palace
[3-2] Chainbreaker
[3-3] Food For The Gods
[3-4] Awake
[3-5] Stone Cold
[3-6] Banner Of Blasphemy
[3-7] Endless Energy
[3-8] Cleansweep
[3-9] Wounds
[3-10] Immortality Is Mine
[3-11] Angels With Last Plagues
[3-12] Purge
[3-13] Du Som Hater Gud
[3-14] Follow
[3-15] In Rememberance Of A Shroud
[3-16] No More Shadows From The Past
[3-17] Planetarium

First edition in a digi-box with a 40-page booklet.

CD1-15 is credited as "Massacre Of The Unknown"
CD1-17 is credited as "The Doomwatcher's Perdiction"
CD1-18 is credited as "The Mystical Gate Of Reincarnation"
CD2-9 is missing an '
CD2-12 is missing the brackets ()
CD3-16 is missing the "No More" in the beginning of the title

Other points of interest:
CD3-6 is the demo version, not the final mix (but that isn't credited).
CD3-12 and CD3-15 were not released by Nuclear Blast (teaser tracks from the latest release by those bands).

Was also released in America with the title "Voyager, the Nuclear Blast 10 Year Anniversary Collection" with an alternate cover but exactly the same track listing.
Including a card which you had to stamp and return if you were interested in the whole assortment of Nuclear Blast.


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