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Tied + Tickled Trio* - Aelita (CD, Album) - NEW

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Tied + Tickled Trio* - Aelita (CD, Album) - NEW


Released: 01 Jun 2007
Format: CD, Album

[1] Aelita 1
[2] You Said Tomorrow Yesterday
[3] Tamaghis
[4] Aelita 2
[5] A Rocket Debris Cloud Drifts
[6] Chlebnikov
[7] Other Voices Other Rooms
[8] Aelita 3

Recorded and mixed at Alien Research Center, Weilheim 2007.
Mastered at Abby Road Studios, London.
Cover-photography from the book "Farewel Photography", Powershovel Books.
Where it comes from: A russian science fiction movie, 1922 by Yakov Protazanov / One of the five "Cities of the Red Light" by William S. Burroughs / The NASA picture of the day 27.2.07 / A russian futurist poet and mathematician / A novel by Truman Capote / Thank you: Daido Moriyama, Nick Dangerfield at Powershovel Books, Olav Opal, Andreas Birkeneder, Anton Kaun...
Packaged in a Digipak.

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