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Thomas Leer - 1979 (2xLP, Album, RM) - NEW

Dark Entries

Thomas Leer - 1979 (2xLP, Album, RM) - NEW


Released: 22 May 2017
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Remastered

[A1] Semi Detatched Suicide
[A2] Torment Weekly
[A3] Urbaine
[B1] Surprising Variations
[B2] Crossmaglen
[B3] Ad Astra
[C1] Fixed Focus
[C2] Structures
[C3] Sleepless Nights
[D1] Monorail
[D2] Back Of The Mind
[D3] High Rise
[D4] Crouch End
[D5] Never Met An Actress

Each copy includes a two­-sided black and white postcard with liner notes by Thomas.

"1979 was a great year for making music. The punk explosion two years earlier, cleansed the palate and opened up minds to new sonic possibilities.
It was in this spirit I took to exploring electronics and set up my first little home studio. Bearing in mind this was before such luxuries as Portastudios or affordable multi-tracks, I decided sound quality was less important than experimentation and innovation, so I pressed on with the meager equipment I had.
My tabletop studio in Crouch End, North London, consisted of two cassette machines, a copycat tape echo, some FX pedals, Ring Modulator, Guitar, Bass & Wasp Synthesizer.
It was a time of my life."
Thomas Leer, February 2017

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