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The Sound Of Arrows - Danger! (CD, EP) - NEW


The Sound Of Arrows - Danger! (CD, EP) - NEW


Released: 07 May 2008
Format: CD, EP

[1] Intro
[2] Danger!
[3] A Very Sad Song
[4] Winding Roads
[5] Danger! (Mr Pedro Remix)
[6] Danger! (Cotton Crew Remix)
[7] Danger! (Panache Remix)
[8] Danger! (Ice Cream Shout Version)
[9] Outro

"Songs written and produced around the turn of '07-'08. Some elements were borrowed. Please forgive us for that, or see you in court.
Thanks to all the contributors, we are truly grateful.

This is merely the beginning, thanks for listening.
We'll be back soon!
Love / Stefan and Oskar (Sthlm, April 2008)."

7 332233 001145

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