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The Smugglers - Growing Up Smuggler (LP) - NEW

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The Smugglers - Growing Up Smuggler (LP) - NEW


Released: 1998
Format: Vinyl, LP

[A1] Smokin' Monkey
[A2] Pick 'Em Up Truck
[A3] Paper Doll
[A4] Sexy Thing
[A5] To Serve, Protect And Entertain
[A6] What Do You Want Me To Do?
[A7] Especially You
[A8] Alan Thicke
[A9] Bishy-Bishy
[A10] Luau!
[B1] She Ain't No Egyptian
[B2] Hey, Stephanie!
[B3] Whiplash!
[B4] Stop! Look! Listen!
[B5] I Need A Vacation
[B6] Rock'N'Roll Was Never This Fun
[B7] Kiss Like A Nun
[B8] Supercar
[B9] Three Sides
[B10] Stay With Me

Recorded by Imposible Records and Record Runner at El Sol, Madrid, Spain
Barcode 763361019929

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