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The National Trust - Kings & Queens (CD, Album) - NEW

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The National Trust - Kings & Queens (CD, Album) - NEW


Released: 2006
Format: CD, Album

[1] Elevators
[2] Secrets
[3] It's Just Cruel
[4] Canday's Away
[5] Stages
[6] We Can't Do Wrong
[7] Jacuzzis
[8] Show And Tell
[9] New Sexy Touch
[10] Shapes And Sizes

All songs mastered @ PM Entertainment
Digital to analog transfers @ Engine Studios, Chicago IL
Additional programming done at Club Illusions, Chicago IL

All songs ©2006 Stages of Man publishing, BMI

Hypnotic is:
Gabriel Benyehudah Hubert
Saiph Zaban Graves
Amal Baji Hubert
Tycho Brahi Cohran
Jafar Baji Graves
Seba Graves
Tarik Delaney Graves
Byron "360" Anderson
Uttama Po Tolo Ra

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