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The Eye Of Time - The Eye Of Time (2xCD, Comp) - USED

Denovali Records

The Eye Of Time - The Eye Of Time (2xCD, Comp) - USED


Released: 2012
Format: CD, Compilation
Sleeve condition: Good Plus
Media condition: Near Mint

[] After Us
[1-1] Intro
[1-2] I Hate Your Fucking Eyes
[1-3] Time Is Watching Me
[1-4] My Hate Is A Gun, See The Smile On My Face
[1-5] After Us
[1-6] Don't Cry Little Child, Don't Watch Your Future Life, You Won't Survive It... Don't Look Down!
[1-7] Birds And Lands
[1-8] My Hope Took The Road
[1-9] What Am I Less? What Took The Road?
[1-10] Away And Lost, I Cry The Error
[1-11] Outro
[] Jail
[2-1] Let's Party To The Death's Birthday
[2-2] Time Has Come
[2-3] Comfort, Design And Graves
[2-4] Once They Were Happy And Brought The Nothingness
[2-5] The Distance Between You And The Rest
[2-6] 000007091981151723031994
[] Lily On The Valley
[2-7] Begin, Wait, Watch, Play
[2-8] Use Your Wings For What They Are
[2-9] Monsters Usualy Wear Uniforms

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