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The Dead Scenestars - Absolute Horror E.P. (7", Red) - USED

Not Just Words Records

The Dead Scenestars - Absolute Horror E.P. (7", Red) - USED


Released: 2003
Format: Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[A1] Fashion Pigs
[A2] We Don't Care
[A3] Get The Fuck Out
[A4] Nightstalker
[B1] Chainsaw Justice
[B2] Face Up To Deat
[B3] No Guts No Glory

First pressing of 525 copies, all on clear red vinyl and red lettering on the sleeve -

#/100 copies come with Side by Side-ripoff sleeve and clear red vinyl, sold at the first couple of shows and for mailorders.

About 25 copies come with an in-between "Avril Lavigne can suck it" sleeve and clear red vinyl. This was made for those kids who didn't get their hands on the lim. #/100 Side by Side cover and also didn't want to wait for the regular artwork to come in.

About 310 copies come with the regular cover for the first pressing (red lettering on the sleeve) and clear red vinyl (this).

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