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Superdrag - Last Call For Vitriol (CD, Album, wit) - USED

Arena Rock

Superdrag - Last Call For Vitriol (CD, Album, wit) - USED


Released: 2002
Format: CD, Album
Sleeve condition: Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[1] Baby Goes To 11
[2] I Can't Wait
[3] The Staggering Genius
[4] So Insincere
[5] Extra-Sensory
[6] Feeling Like I Do
[7] Way Down Here Without You
[8] Safe & Warm
[9] Remain Yer Strange
[10] Her Melancholy Tune
[11] Stu
[12] Drag Me Closer To You

Recorded at Stealth Studio, Knoxville, Tn.
Mastered at Precision Mastering, Los Angeles, Ca.

Tracks 1,4,5,6 and 12 by John Davis
Tracks 2 and 3 by Davis/Powers/Coffeey
Tracks 7,8 and 10 by Davis/Powers
Tracks 9 and 11 by Sam Powers

CD package design emulates a matchbox with the the top and bottom sections of the cardboard slipcover case set as the strike strips of a matchbox.

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