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Simply Red - Stay (CD, Album + DVD-V, NTSC + Box, Ltd) - NEW

Simply Red - Stay (CD, Album + DVD-V, NTSC + Box, Ltd) - NEW


Released: 2007
Format: CD, Album

[] Album CD
[1] The World And You Tonight
[2] So Not Over You
[3] Stay
[4] They Don't Know
[5] Oh! What A Girl!
[6] Good Times Have Done Me Wrong
[7] Debris
[8] Lady
[9] Money TV
[10] The Death Of The Cool
[11] Little Englander
[] Bonus DVD
[] Concert Footage
[DVD-1] Holding Back The Years (Live)
[DVD-2] Sunrise (Live)
[] Documentary Footage
[DVD-3] Interview With Mick Hucknall / Backstage Two Minutes Before Show
[] Audio Tracks
[DVD-4] Something Got Me Started (Live)
[DVD-5] If You Don't Know Me By Now (Live)
[DVD-6] Oh! What A Girl! (Live)

EMI Songs Ltd/Windswept Music London Ltd (1, 6)
EMI Songs Ltd/EMI Music Publishing Ltd/Bluesky Music Publishing (admin. by Universal Music Publishing) (2)
EMI Songs Ltd/Copyright Control/Windswept Music London Ltd/BMG Music Publishing Ltd (3)
EMI Songs Ltd/Copyright Control (4, 9 to 11)
EMI Songs Ltd/Windswept Music London Ltd/TCR Music Ltd (5, DVD-6)
Slim Chance Music admin by MCS Music Ltd (7)
EMI Songs Ltd/Bug Music Ltd (8)
EMI Songs Ltd (DVD-1, DVD-4)
EMI Songs Ltd/Unichappell Music Inc/HotCha Music Co/Fust Buzza Music/Geomantic Music/Irving Music Inc (DVD-2)
Mighty Three Music Group/Island Music Ltd (DVD-5)

Recorded by: Alan Douglas & Gavin Goldberg at Metropolis and Andy Scade at Home (1), Gavin Goldberg & Dave Bloor at Metropolis and Michael Zimmerling & Andy Scade at Home (2, 4, 5), Alan Douglas at Metropolis and Andy Scade at Home (3, 6), Michael Zimmerling & Andy Scade at Home (7 to 11).

Concert and documentary footage taken from the longform DVD 'Stay - Live at the Royal Albert Hall', available now. Audio tracks recorded at Museumplatz in Bonn, Germany on 18 August 2006 [slipcase rear, sleeve rear]

Filmed at the Royal Albert Hall, London on 26.05.07. (DVD-1 & DVD-2)
Filmed at the Royal Albert Hall, London. (DVD-3)
Performed live at Museumplatz in Bonn, Germany on 18 August 2006. (DVD-4 to DVD-6)

Worldwide representation: Andy Dodd & Ian Grenfell at Silentway Management Ltd, assisted by Andrea Mills. In association with Lisa Barbaris at So What Media & Management Inc., New York ltd is a joint venture between Mick Hucknall and Silentway Ltd.

The copyright in this sound recording is owned by ltd. (P) 2007 (C) 2007 ltd. Concert and documentary footage (C) 2007 ltd under exclusive licence to Universal International Music B.V. A Universal Music Group Company.

Sales & distribution in the UK & Eire by V2 TV-Artists/Universal Music Operations Ltd, marketed in Italy by NunFlower and distributed by edel Italia, marketed in Germany by Ministry of Sound Recordings (Germany) GmbH and distributed by SPV GmbH, marketed & distributed in Benelux by V2 Records, in France by V2 Music France, in Greece by V2 Records S.A., in Portugal by 2Dance Lda., in Switzerland by Musikvertrieb AG Zurich, in Austria by SPV GmbH, in Finland by Edel Records Oy, in Denmark, Sweden and Norway by MBO Group

NTSC DVD-5 / All Region / 16:9 / Concert: Stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1, Other: Stereo / Subtitles: English, Francais, Deutsch, Nederlands, Italiana, Espanol, Portugues

Made in the EU.
- - -

slipcase with blue sticker about contents
regular size jewel case with twin tray
6-page/3-panel/2-sided insert: credits, photos

Release titles:
Stay Limited Edition [slipcase front, slipcase top, spine]
Stay [booklet front, CD label]
Stay Bonus DVD [DVD label]
Stay DVD [DVD menu]

Catalog numbers:
SRA003CDX [contents sticker, slipcase top, slipcase bottom, spine, DVD label]
SRA003CD [booklet rear, CD label]

Labels: [slipcase rear, slipcase top, sleeve rear, spine, CD label, DVD label]
Universal Music DVD Video [slipcase rear, sleeve rear, CD label]

Booklet and CD are identical to those in the regular 1xCD version (0551317 0101 7/SRA003CD), except for CD Mould SID Code.
Durations not listed on the release.
DVD tracks are numbered from 1 onwards under each of the three sections, on the sleeve.
Track DVD-3 is listed as two tracks on the release.
All audio tracks on DVD are subtitled "Live" in the track details under the disc tray, only DVD-5 to DVD-7 on the slipcase and sleeve rear.

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