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Robert Wyatt - Mid-Eighties (CD, Comp) - USED


Robert Wyatt - Mid-Eighties (CD, Comp) - USED


Released: 1993
Format: CD, Compilation
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[1] Yolanda
[2] Te Recuerdo Amanda
[3] Biko
[4] Amber And The Amberines
[5] Memories Of You
[6] 'Round Midnight
[7] Pigs
[8] Chairman Mao
[9] Alliance
[10] The United States Of Amnesia
[11] East Timor
[12] Speechless
[13] The Age Of Self
[14] Vandalusia
[15] The British Road
[16] Mass Medium
[17] Gharbzadegi
[18] P.L.A.
[19] Hidden Track

Tracks 1-4 were originally released as 'Work In Progress'
Tracks 5-6 were on the b-side of the 'Shipbuilding' 12"
Track 7 from 'Artists For Animals - The Liberator'
Track 8 from 'ReR Quarterly Vol.2'
Tracks 9-18 were originally released as 'Old Rottenhat'
Track 19 "You're Wondering Now" by Clement Seymour, from a limited edition of 'Work In Progress', is not mentioned on the back jacket, and there is no information about it.

Licensed from Rough Trade Records, U.K.

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