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Pink Turds In Space - Complete Part 1 (LP, Comp) - NEW


Pink Turds In Space - Complete Part 1 (LP, Comp) - NEW


Released: Dec 2010
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation

[] Demo 87
[A1] Reclaim The Land
[A2] Angry Song
[A3] Dear Mr. Policeman
[A4] Jerusalem St. Nine
[A5] Eastenders
[A6] Rhondais Song
[A7] Waiting To Die
[] -
[A8] 1st Demo
[] Split 7inch With Charred Remains 1991
[B1] Hate You Forever
[B2] Medical Health
[B3] Des The Nazi
[B4] The Baliff
[] 1 In 12 Comp
[B5] Teenage Kicks
[] Warzone tape split with HDQ
[B6] Live In Dublin (5 Songs)

Tracks A1-A7 recorded in 1987 and lived life as Pink Turds second demo.
A8 is the 5 songs recorded in 1986 that were released as Pink Turds first demo.
Tracks B1-B4 appeared originally as one side of a splt 7" with Charred Remain AKA Man is the Bastard on Slap a Ham Records (SaH 7-5) in 1991; 1000 were pressed.
B5 was recorded during a session in 1991 and appeared on a compilation which was a benefit for the 1-in-12 center.
B6 is 5 songs from a live set recorded in 1989 and released as a split live tape (with HDQ on side 2) by Warzone.

Limited 1st pressing of 500 copies, which has a quantity of 200 copies on pink vinyl, the rest on black vinyl (this).

Some copies include the 28 page booklet of the CD version (ANTI 13) with complete CD tracklisting (38 tracks) which should be inserted in "Complete Part 2" LP.

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