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Pankow - The Art Of Gentle Revolution (5xCD + Box, Comp) - USED

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Pankow - The Art Of Gentle Revolution (5xCD + Box, Comp) - USED


Released: Sep 2005
Format: CD
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[] Freiheit Fuer Die Sklaven (Conte 2K113 CD)
[1-01] Gimme More In Dub
[1-02] Girls And Boys
[1-03] She's Gotta Be Mine
[1-04] In Heaven (Everything Is Fine)
[1-05] Nice Bottom (Schoener Arsch)
[1-06] Sickness Takin' Over
[1-07] Touch (I'm Your Bastard)
[1-08] Freiheit Fuer Die Sklaven
[1-09] Nice Bottom (Nice Dub)
[1-10] Gimme More (Much More)
[1-11] Girls And Boys (Hard Dub)
[1-12] Touch (I'm Your Bastard) 2
[] Gisela (Conte 2K131 CD)
[2-01] I'm Lost, Little Girl
[2-02] Warm Leatherette
[2-03] Die Beine Von Dolores (Dedicated To Carlo Isola)
[2-04] Let Me Be Stalin
[2-05] Pankow's Rotkäppchen
[2-06] Me And My Ding Dong
[2-07] Happy As The Horses Shite
[2-08] Deutsches Bier
[2-09] Madness (Danke Gisela)
[2-10] Follow Me In Suicide
[2-11] Warm Leatherette
[] Omne Animal Triste Post Coitum (Conte 2K161 CD)
[3-01] Warm Leatherette
[3-02] Nice Bottom
[3-03] Deutsches Bier
[3-04] Happy As The Horses Shite
[3-05] Me And My Ding Dong
[3-06] David In The Heater
[3-07] I'm Lost, Little Girl
[3-08] Let Me Be Stalin
[3-09] Wodka!
[3-10] Der Mussolini
[3-11] In Heaven
[3-12] Omne Animal Triste Post Coitum
[3-13] Let's Go Crazy
[] Treue Hunde (Conte 2K171 CD)
[4-01] Liebe Ulrike
[4-02] My Baby Can… (Swingalong)
[4-03] You'll Never Walk Alone
[4-04] I Don't Want To Be Nice
[4-05] Treuhund
[4-06] Young Black Rebels
[4-07] Stupidity (FM+Paolo Mix)
[4-08] Save My Life (Resonance Mix #2)
[4-09] Florence Is Dead (Holocaust Mix)
[4-10] Last Song (For Stefano Vergelli)
[4-11] Liebe Ulrike (Horstierte Version)
[] 69Sixtynine69 (Tempo 2K123 CD)
[5-01] 69Sixtynine69
[5-02] Warm Leatherette (Instrumental)
[5-03] I'm Lost, Little Girl (Helicopterized)
[5-04] The Bonus Track

This luxury edition boxset contains the artist cut of all four of Pankows fab albums "Freiheit Für Die Sklaven" (1987), "Gisela" (1989), "Omne Animal Triste Post Coitum" (1990) and "Treue Hunde" (1992) on double-folded digipack CDs, plus a bonus CD in a cardboard sleeve featuring 4 tracks originally released only on the 12-Inch "69Sixtynine69" that accompanied the ultra-limited (100 copies) marble cover edition of "Gisela" (aka "Marble Album"). The box also includes an 80-page book called "Pankow - The Movie" featuring lyrics, pictures, notes and US and German tour memorabilia as edited by original frontman and singer/dancer Alex Spalck.
Re-elaborated by the band mastermind, Maurizio FM Fasolo.

The CDs contain bonus tracks and partly different tracklistings to the original releases.

1: "Freiheit Für Die Sklaven" (Conte 2K113 CD)
Recorded in June 1987 at Transeuropa, Torino.
Mixed in September 1987 somewhere in Florence.
Artwork created at SSS.
Sleeve lists an additional Gimme More (Much More) as track 1-02; but that track is missing from the disc itself. This is the actual content.

2: Gisela (Conte 2KC131 CD)
Mixed in winter '88 - spring '89.
Graphics created at SSS.
Cut in Rome.
2-01, 2-03, 2-05, 2-10 recorded in Florence.
2-02, 2-04, 2-06, 2-07, 2-08, 2-09 recorded in Turin.
"Warm Leatherette" originally performed by [url==,+The]The Normal[/url].

3: Omne Animal Triste Post Coitum (Conte 2KC161 CD)[
2: Helter Skelter, Los Angeles, CA.
3: Unit, Hamburg, BRD.
4: University Union Sound Pomona, L.A., CA.
5: Respectable St. Cafe W., Palm Beach, FL.
7: Masquerade, Atlanta, GA.
8: JKH, Rostock, DDR.
10: The Shadow, Kansas City, MO.
11: Unit, Hamburg, BRD.
12: Kassel, Factory, BRD.
13: 1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN.
Graphics created at SSS.
"Warm Leatherette" originally performed by [,+The]The Normal[/url].
"Der Mussolini" originally performed by [url=]DAF[/url].

4: Treue Hunde (Conte 2KC171 CD)
Produced at SSS and Blue Velvet in Florence.
Mixing & additional production at Unit 3, London, except 4-07 mixed at Blue Velvet, Florence.

5: "69Sixtynine69" (Tempo 2K123 CD)
Artwork created at SSS, Florence & Buenos Aires.
"Warm Leatherette" originally performed by [url=,+The]The Normal[/url].

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