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Nocturno Culto - The Misanthrope (DVD-V, NTSC + CD + Sup) - NEW


Nocturno Culto - The Misanthrope (DVD-V, NTSC + CD + Sup) - NEW


Released: 23 Apr 2007
Format: DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC

[] Chapters
[DVD-1] Icefishing
[DVD-2] Intro
[DVD-3] Desolate
[DVD-4] Sardonic Rehearsals
[DVD-5] Ali Baba Winter
[DVD-6] Aura Noir Signing
[DVD-7] Tokyo
[DVD-8] Norway Be My Grave
[DVD-9] Ali Baba Summer
[DVD-10] Aura Noir Releaseparty
[DVD-11] Sardonic Studio
[DVD-12] Tyrant Meeting
[DVD-13] Endtime
[DVD-14] Credits
[] DVD Extras
[DVD-15] Stills
[DVD-16] Thulcandra
[DVD-17] Archipelago
[DVD-18] Too Old Too Cold
[] Bonus CD
[CD-1] Battlehorns
[CD-2] The Bastard Son
[CD-3] Lake Of Sorrow
[CD-4] Stay Away
[CD-5] Necroposers
[CD-6] The Will To Deny
[CD-7] The Solution

Comes in double DVD-size Super Jewel Box and with a booklet.
Some booklets came signed by Nocturno Culto (if pre-ordered from his Myspace/website).

Subtitled "The Existence Of... Solitude And Chaos".

Front hype-sticker reads:
The debut film from Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto
A unique insight into solitude and metal
Extras include:
* rare Darkthrone live footage
* promo video for Too Old Too Cold
* photo gallery
Plus bonus Audio CD

Back cover reads:
The film debut by Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto offers an insight into a strange life of solitude and chaos.
The Misanthrope takes us into the heart of the Norwegian Black Metal scene and folk culture, with unique footage of Darkthone rehearsing, Aura Noir, strange trips int othe forest and even a brief excursion to Japan.
The film comes with a bonus audio CD of new music by Nocturno specifically composed for the film.
As Nocturno modestly says this is a "strange documentary/fiction film, not suitable for everyone".
It will however be indispensable for all followers of Darkthrone and the Norwegian Black Metal scene.

DVD catalog number: DVDVILE7 / DISC 1
CD catalog number: DVDVILE7 / DISC 2

© 2007 Peaceville Records

Movie playing time: 55:32
Music CD playing time: 20:42

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