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New Order - Complete Music (2xCD, Album) - NEW


Released: 13 May 2016
Format: CD, Album

[1-1] Restless (Extended Mix)
[1-2] Singularity (Extended Mix)
[1-3] Plastic (Extended Mix)
[1-4] Tutti Frutti (Extended Mix)
[1-5] People On The High Line (Extended Mix)
[1-6] Stray Dog (Extended Mix)
[2-1] Academic (Extended Mix)
[2-2] Nothing But A Fool (Extended Mix Two)
[2-3] Unlearn This Hatred (Extended Mix)
[2-4] The Game (Extended Mix)
[2-5] Superheated (Extended Mix Two)

Reissue of every track of the album 'Music Complete' in extended version form, as originally released on the [url=]deluxe edition vinyl box set[/url], with the exception of two tracks featuring a previously unreleased extended version: "Nothing But A Fool" and "Superheated".

Includes a code to download the original album 'Music Complete'.

Printed in the EU.

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