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Mindflayer - It's Always 1999 (CD, Album) - USED

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Mindflayer - It's Always 1999 (CD, Album) - USED


Released: 16 Mar 2004
Format: CD, Album
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[1] Worm Is Coming
[2] Repeating Tiger Fist And G Flury
[3] Destructed But Bits Rush (Let's Grow)
[4] Argamnimals
[5] 5 Minutes Of Sporadic Beats
[6] Legiomnomein And G Furry (Legos)
[7] A Wind War Wind Blast Army
[8] Afterwarwards
[9] Revenge Of Whales/Whale War
[10] Legionmnomein And Jumbinube Oboplex Company Marches
[11] Cyclone Ride To Animal Town
[12] Psychic Fields Of Animal Town
[13] Mud Lazer Lazy Lazers
[14] Azaglians Troupe Hat Ribbons Fitedance
[15] 2nd Ribbons Weapon
[16] Zorthians Grazel Time
[17] Zorthians Finished
[18] 1999 Animals Revenge
[19] Humbinobodos
[20] Carry On My Wayward Crawler
[21] Wolfs And Whales

This CD is a re-release of a barely available record from the Ooo Mau Mau record label from 2001.

"Recorded 7/8/9-1999 at Fort Thunder by Mindflayers"

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